Butler Peeves
The suspicious and eternally irritated last known family butler. There wasn’t a thing on this earth that didn’t annoy him.  He was an absolute master of silent condescension and disdain.  You’d never hear him utter a word of dissent in front of the family, but you’d swear there was muffled grumbling and raging from the servants cellar every night.  It went something like,  “That bloody (muffled swear) Squire!! All he does is drink that (muffled swear) awful Squinty’s coffee. His breath smells of a 10 year old dead eel!!!”  What he failed to yell about was the puffer fish poison he would slip into Squire Drummel’s coffee in tiny doses, unwittingly leading to said horrendous halitosis. Sadly, the poison wasn’t strong enough to kill the Squire...  right away.