Sheriff Fernal McMorbidly
The only family member to fight in the civil war…. on his own side…. against both armies.  Having lost the war he took up law enforcement out on the western frontier in the town of Plorable.  As sheriff he challenged every single offender, whether they be a murderer or j-walker, to a duel.  Sadly for him, his opponents learned quickly that a clear sign he was about to shoot was a noisy blast of flatulence due to the tension of the moment inciting great laughter.  It was also his “tell” when playing poker in the town saloon.  It’s how he earned the unfortunate moniker “Bugle Britches”, the poor angry fellow.  He was so paranoid for the rest of his life that his arms never left the raised “DRAW HOMBRE!” position, even after he was fired from his career and returned to McMorbidly Manor.